MacBook Pro Initial Thoughts

by Otto on March 28, 2007

After weeks of research, I decided to purchase a MacBook Pro.  One of my main requirements for my new laptop was to be able to use it with a 30″ widescreen.  If you own a 30″ widescreen, you’ll know what requirements you have on the video card – dual-link DVI.  Not just DVI, but dual-link DVI.

Feature for feature, pound for pound, the MacBook Pro was the winner.  It was extremely hard to find a nice laptop with a DVI interface, let alone a video card that was dual-link DVI capable.  The price might seem steep, but when I contacted our Dell rep, I found out the price wasn’t that much more (not to mention, Dell doesn’t even have a laptop capable of dual-link DVI).

I drove to the Mac Store in Eugene and purchased two.  One for me and Ben.

What are my initial thoughts?

I love Apple hardware.  The design is nice (no duh!).  But, I’m talking about everything.  The keyboard is solid, it feels nice to type on.  However, it hates my wrist watch.  Yeah, you read that right.  When I place my hands on the keyboard, where my wrist touches it, my watch is dangling out, which is such an annoyance, that I’ve decided to give up my watch.  Thank you Apple for liberating me.

Boot Camp is cool, but if you are going to run Vista with Boot Camp, you’ll need a couple resources.  The VistaOnMac wiki is your best friend.  If you require some screenshots to help walk you through the process, check out blog posts on Different Things – will help get Bluetooth and Task Pad working.

What about Parallels desktop for Mac?  I’m still losing hair trying to get Parallels to see Vista’s Boot Camp partition.  I have the latest build of Parallels (March 7, 2007 Build 3188) and it isn’t working.  I don’t want to chew up more disk space installing Vista in Parallels, when I’m supposed to be able to “point” to Boot Camp’s partition.

Parallels needs to improve their documentation and support.  When I was browsing their forums looking for answers, it appears I’m not alone.  Further more, a couple people mentioned they paid for support ($29 per incident) and they had to leave a voicemail and never got a returned phone call.  The software has great potential, but if you’re running Vista, you might want to wait a little while.  I was able to migrate a Microsoft Virtual PC image to Parallels and it worked pretty well.

Overall, I’m happy with the purchase.  The hardware is great.  Right now I’m able to be a Windows ASP.NET developer on Apple hardware.  I’m hopeful that in the near future, I’ll be able to boot into Mac OSX and run Vista via Parallels and have the absolute best of everything.


Rob Rutkowski June 16, 2008 at 8:58 am

I have a 30" Dell monitor at home and it rocks!!!

Otto R. Radke June 16, 2008 at 8:58 am

Rob,I completely agree.The Dell 30" wide screen is very nice.I’d like to get a couple of 22" wide screens for both sides for a 3 monitor system.

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