iPhone – Thoughts and Questions

by Otto on June 20, 2007

I’ve always been a cell phone consumer.  I got into the Windows Smartphones when they first launched and setup my Exchange Server to sync over the air, which was one of the main features I wanted in a Smartphone.

Which leads to some of my questions about the iPhone.

It has builtin WiFi, right?  Will I be able to broadcast my music to my Airport Express?  Will I be able to use WiFi to listen to an iTunes shared library?  What about synchronizing my iTunes library with the iPhone.  Will I be able to do that via WiFi?  I’m all about one less cable, so being able to do these things out of the box, generation one will be important to me.  WiFi has been common place as long as iPods have been, why Apple hasn’t built a wireless sync to date puzzles me.

I also put my self in the category of people concerned with the lack of an SDK for the iPhone.  Don’t get me wrong, trying to put as much into a browser world is great.  That’s something we should always strive to do.  But, being Microsoft centric on the backend (Active Directory, Exchange, etc), I want integration with those services.

My cell phone is a business device and I need it integrated with business services.  Being able to wirelessly (WiFi or otherwise) sync my email, contacts, tasks, and calendar with Microsoft Exchange is huge.  If Apple doesn’t write something to support all of those business users (how many people do you know with a Blackberry?), they will lose a lot of potential market share.  With no SDK, we’re out in the cold, even if we do look cool.

Other interesting news regarding iPhone:  Niall Kennedy talks Widgets on your iPhone.  What is says is very interesting, but what isn’t said leaves me to wonder a great deal.

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