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by Otto on July 11, 2007

I’ll admit it, I love getting early invites into things.  It doesn’t matter if it is a new MMO or a web site.  I like to see what other people have cooking and hate trying to hunt down invites.  I’m sure my friends love it, cause once I’m in, I’ll gladly hook up others.

My life just got much simplier with  Register for the site and you can pick from several invite only sites.  If you’re already invited into those sites, help the other people on InviteShare by spreading the invites.  A great concept.

I just got into GrandCentral’s beta.  Within the first 2 minutes, I could see why Google snapped them up.  Their application is amazing.

Don’t hit me up for an invite, create your own account on InviteShare and you’ll have one soon. 

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