End of Summer

by Otto on September 19, 2007

This summer has felt like one of the longest (and best) on record.  Probably because Joanna and I started early by going to Marco Island, then Las Vegas a month later.  Visiting a couple of hot spots early helped get the tan started and set the pace for most of the summer being spent at Eugene Swim and Tennis Club.

It was great to have a pool to play in all summer.  It really made it easy to decide what to do with the kids.  They all love the water, so it was easy to spend the entire weekend at the pool.

Watching Sam practice his dead guy float in the pool was awesome.  Look at this little guy:


Sam took to the water like a fish this year.  The 18″ kid pool was perfect for him to gain confidence in the water.

Eli, had just as much fun, but in a slightly different way:

He wanted to spend time in the hot tub, with the bubbles going full speed.  He’d position himself just right for his swim shirt to fill with air and float all over the pool.

This past Sunday was a sad day as we saw the pool close for the seasons.  We wanted to try and spend most of the day by the pool, but Eugene’s weather decided it was fall and didn’t warm up above 64 degrees.  Luckily, we spent a good part of Saturday at the pool.

Now it’s time to move the fun indoors and start teaching all of the kids tennis.

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