Resisting the urge to be a fanboy

by Otto on November 5, 2007

Last week, Joanna noticed that the power button on her iPhone was pushed in completely and would not come out, no matter how much we tried to get it to pop back out.  While it might not seem like a big deal, it was since the battery was being drained quickly.  It would go from a full charge to just about dead in 8 hours.

We knew the process would be painful in an AT&T store, so we decided to go to an Apple store.  I scheduled a Genius bar appointment online and we were all set.  We arrived at the Apple store about 15 minutes before our appointment.  We walk to the bar and notice that we’re the third person on the waiting list.  How did we know?  The nice large screen behind the counter said so. 

After waiting a few minutes, it was our turn.  We gave the phone to the Genius explained our problem and they shrugged, tried to get the power button to pop back out, but had no luck either.  They simply asked, “Do you have all your data backed up on your computer?”  Joanna said, “Yes.”  To which they replied, “Even your pictures?”  “Yes, I’m syncing my pictures too.  I did it right before we left.”  Then the Genius states, “It’ll just be a few minutes while I get you a new phone and swap the SIM cards.”

The entire process was simple and painless.  Knowing the we could schedule our time slot in advance and show up slightly early was great.  Being able to explain the problem to a knowledgeable person was great.  Having the entire process take less than 15 minutes, well worth the Apple tax or price of admission or whatever you want to call it.

I think I’m an experience point or two away from being a die hard Apple fanboy.  The second computer I owned was an Apple IIe and I’m enjoying the road back to their products.  They must spend a great deal of time on process improvement and it shows.

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