Issues Patching Windows XP From VMware Fusion

by Otto on July 8, 2008

Joanna purchased a new MacBook Air several weeks ago and she decided that instead of using Boot Camp to run Windows, she’d use VMware Fusion.  At some point, I think right after installing Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Update stopped installing patches and would give an error message saying that it couldn’t install the patch and to retry.  I tried updating both via the built in Windows Update utility and via Internet Explorer | Tools | Windows Update and both would fail.

It appears that I wasn’t the only person having this problem because there are a lot of threads on VMware’s forums with other people who are having problems installing Windows updates.  Those threads were somewhat helpful, but it turns out the solution was pretty simple:  download the latest version of Windows Update Agent.

Somehow, somewhere, the list of updates available got corrupt.

The last issue I have to fix with her VMware might be more difficult:  VMware Fusion unrecoverable error on vcpu-0

There’s always something to fix, right?

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