Fix for WordPress XMLRPC 500 Internal Server Error under Windows & IIS

by Otto on July 29, 2009

I made the decision to migrate this site to WordPress from Graffiti CMS.  I spent a little bit of time writing my own custom Graffiti CMS to WordPress export tool, shaping the Graffiti data to match the WordPress WXR format.

What I didn’t test prior to all of that work was, would WordPress work with Windows Live Writer.  I knew it supported XMLRPC, so I thought I was safe.  Turns out, there was an issue with posting images (or any attachments).

I posted a Twitter message and Brandon from the Windows Live Writer team contacted me to see if he could help resolve the issue.  I decided to look around a little more and found this great post, Fix for WordPress XMLRPC 500 Internal Server Error.

Turns out, newer installs of WordPress define a column in the database as a BIGINT UNSIGNED.  Older WordPress installs don’t setup the column in this manner and that’s what caused the problem.  The fix is simple.  On your WordPress database, run the following SQL:

ALTER TABLE wp_posts CHANGE post_parent post_parent BIGINT;

I tried it on a test install of WordPress and it worked!  I’m happy to post that I’m fully moved over to WordPress.

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bob940 November 23, 2009 at 2:03 pm

wow well done I wish I could achieve the move like you. Im hoping to go to wordpress hosted blog as well, any pointers on moving off the graffiti to wordpress?


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