Citrix Mime Types for Image

by Otto on August 18, 2009

I spent some time today tracking down an issue in one of the web applications I manage.

I had a person trying to upload an image for their profile, but they were getting an error saying the file was either too large or not the proper file type.  I had them send me the file and I was able to upload it to my test system without a problem.

I reviewed the code and still didn’t see anything.  I eventually had them upload the file to another area where I store the .PostedFile.ContentType property.  Turns out, the content type didn’t match the ones that I allowed.

For some reason, when you’re using Internet Explorer (not sure if this is the same in other browsers) via Citrix, the content type will be:

JPG: image/x-citrix-pjpeg
GIF: image/x-citrix-gif

I have no idea why Citrix would create a new mime type, but they did.

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Theo Hubenet November 4, 2011 at 3:14 pm

Dear Otto, we build CMS systems and some of our customers use Citrix. As you can guess we got the same problem with uploading images. A customer contacted me about it and after I succesfully uploade the image I asked her to upload it while I logged the mime-type and I got the following: image/x-citrix-pjpeg
I added the mime-type to my accepted mime-types list and problem solved.. but no documentation from Citrix about this at all! Small effort to put a page about this issue on their website about the mime-types..

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