Otto R. Radke is one of the founders of iTech Northwest, a Microsoft .NET software company specializing in collaboration, communication, and integration applications and services.

Prior to founding iTech Northwest Otto worked for Extreme Arts & Sciences, Inc where he helped design & develop Boardroom Web, Foundation Intranet, and XpressPoint.

If you want more information about iTech Northwest or want to chat with Otto, leave a comment on a blog post or contact him.

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Brian Bray July 8, 2010 at 11:38 am


Do you know anybody who does a lot with flash? I want to have a basic site developed for our news. I have a vision for some kind of a 3-D wheel that you can drag to rotate and then click on graphics to hyperlink to documents.

I am finding a lot of cool templates out there too… could probably use one, but need advice and support. Ideally we would set up a template and then have a scty maintain it.

Have any time for me?



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